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How to be eco-friendly in jewelry making?

Have you ever heard about recycled gold? Did you know that it is possible to refine your old gold into new jewelry 24 kt gold? Let's find out here:

As a responsible and ethical jewelry brand, sustainability is one of our core values. We believe that it's our responsibility to minimize the impact that our operations have on the environment. Therefore, we are committed to using only recycled gold in all of our designs.

Impact of mining

By using recycled gold, we are reducing the environmental impact of mining. Moreover, mining is an energy-intensive process that contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of climate change.

On the other hand, by using recycled gold, we are not extracting any new materials from the earth, and we are minimizing the demand for new mining activities. This, in turn, helps to preserve natural resources and biodiversity, and it reduces the carbon footprint of our jewelry.

Give a new life to your old jewelry

Recycling gold is also a great way to give a new life to your old jewelry. You may have some jewelry that you don't wear anymore, or it may be out of fashion. However, the gold it contains is still valuable and can be used to create new custom-made jewelry that suits your current style and preferences. At OggDESIGN Jewelry, we specialize in recycling old pieces of jewelry dear to your heart and transforming them into contemporary new wearable designs.

How does it work?

To begin, the initial step is to gather all of your vintage items and assess their worth in both carat weight and gold purity. Afterward, we will dispatch them to a local precious metal laboratory to purify the metal and transform it into 24-karat jewelry gold. Ultimately, you will be the recipient of several gold nuggets in 24-karat purity.