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Vintage jewelry restyling

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OggDESIGN Jewelry Barcelona, CAD Drawing, Custom-made Jewelry, Expertise Jewelry Design Software
La Pedrera Gaudi building in Barcelona
3D design render prototype
OggDESIGN Jewelry, Barcelona Inspired Design by Gaudi La Pedrera, Pedrera Diamond Ring, Custom-made, Tailor-made, Private Client Portfolio
La Pedrera ring with pre-owned diamonds and recylced gold

At the beginning, there is a story: Your Story! At OggDESIGN, we believe that every piece of jewelry has its own unique story. We take pride in listening to and discovering your personal narratives and individual perspectives. Together, we envision the design of a new piece while preserving its inherent essence and authenticity. By doing so, we strive to breathe new life into each cherished treasure.

Once we have agreed on the design, we begin the meticulous manufacturing process. We understand that our client's stories, life milestones, and emotions are integral to our work, and we place great value on engaging with our clients throughout the design process.

Our founder, Béatrice Oggier, works closely with each client to transform an old, yet beloved piece into a luminous, wearable jewel. With our expertise in gemology and 3D jewelry design, we create bespoke jewelry that is crafted in Spain and designed in Barcelona. Our level of involvement is unwavering throughout the entire process, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and attention to detail.

Our restyling services

storytelling jewelry


Storytelling of your vintage piece and discovering of how should the new piece look like. 

Atelier jewelry polishing

Manufacturing process

Once the design is accepted we supervise the whole manufacturing process. Our  jewelry is 100% made in Spain.

gemologist jewelry

Handmade laboratory work

We start to unset the precious stones and recycle the used gold into a ingot of new pure gold.

gift oggdesign


Once the piece is finished, we will wrap it in a beautiful packaging and you will receive it direcly at home.


Design of the new piece

We will design the new piece according to your indications on a 3D expert software. Renders will be submitted.

Please note:

We work on a 100% personal basis. Once the piece is manufactured, you are not able to return it. If you are located in Barcelona, Spain, we can meet in person. If not, we can work online through e-mail or Zoom calls. Before we start a new project we make a budget for the whole process for you. When the budget is accepted, 50% of the total price is due at the beginning, and the rest, when the piece is finished, before delivery. 

Get a free Quote

If you have a vintage piece of jewel you would like to transform, let us know here. You will send you a valuation and an approximate quote. 

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