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Trend Watch: Inhorgenta 2018, Jewelry Trade Show Munich, Germany

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The international Jewelry Trade Fair took place last week in Munich, Germany and once again we witnessed the most brilliant facets of industry excellence with its renewed creativity in contemporary jewelry. We were amazed by the absolute focus on modern design, the variety of materials used, the delicate execution of pieces and, most of all, the use of 3D technology in manufacturing. With these many highlights this year, Inhorgenta truly established itself as one of the greatest international forums for modern, fresh jewelry design.

The Trends in Germany

gellner_starsinheaven_black steel
Gellner Ring Stars in heaven in black steel

German jewelry brands continue to explore modern, contemporary jewelry designs. With their long tradition of goldsmith manufacturing and expertise in gem cutting and setting, we greatly admired the work of numerous fine jewelry designers using, for example, fine layers of matte gold to create rings and necklaces or blackened stainless steel and white ceramic mixed with gold in the designs of spectacular rings.

Niessing lucia ring
Niessing Lucia engagement ring with a floating diamond

A special mention must be made of Niessing, a German jewelry manufacturer who, in its return to the fair after long years of absence, presented – for a superb gold and platinum collection titled Mirage. This new collection won the Red Dot Designer Award 2017 and its Lucia engagement ring with a floating diamond set in gold was nominated for the Inhorgenta Award 2018. Here, the growing expertise in the use of 3D technologies for jewelry design and manufacturing is perfectly clear.

Niessing Mirage Pendant and Brooch
Niessing Mirage necklace and brooch high tech jewels

The Mystery of Pearls

The beauty and mysterious charm of pearls lie in different important criteria. For instance, it is the luster or sheen of a pearl that grants its uniqueness. Furthermore, the shimmer that emanates from the pearl is often what seduces our eye and this attribute is a main contributor in determining the quality and the price of a pearl. A pearl’s shape also has a major influence on its value. One that is perfectly round or irregularly shaped may be particularly sought after.

As far as color is concerned, this will depend on the origin of the pearl: white pearls from Australia, yellow from the Philippines, black for those from Tahiti. Overall however, the global fascination for pearls stems not only from these criteria but also from the emotions they provoke when they are seen. At Inhorgenta in particular, the luxury pearl brand Schoeffel must be mentioned. With its reputation for unique and exquisite collections that make use of the most lustrous and beautiful pearls on the market, we were especially captivated by the delicate fusion of white and black Tahitian pearls with fine diamonds.

Schoeffel pearl necklace
Schoeffel Tahiti pearls and diamonds necklace and earrings

Rings Take the Lead

This year, we were once again in awe of the Angela Hübel rings collection. Her mastery of geometry, curved lines, and delicate shapes was embodied in a variety of prized designs. In particular, Hübel’s bold jewels in yellow gold using a single major colored stone were absolutely mesmerizing – a dream to be worn as a unique piece.

Angela Huebel ring
Angela Hübel ring with a garnet marquise cut and diamonds

On the whole, it is without a doubt that the sparkle of this fair makes it a must-see in the jewelry industry.

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