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The mystery of Emerald

We recently had the pleasure to design a custom made piece for one client with a spectacular Colombian emerald. We are delighted to share with you some hints about this wonderful and unique gemstone.


Since antiquity, the emerald has always exited imagination and lust for its deep and lush green color. Its name comes from the Antique Greek “Smaradgus” meaning green. By then. this gemstone was devoted to goddess Venus, the symbol of immortality and faith. The first indices of trade with emeralds come from antique Babylonia, at around 4000 a.C. By those times, the stones proceeded from mines in the Red Sea, also known as Cleopatra Mines.

Elizabeth Taylor- Bulgari necklace- earrings
Elizabeth Taylor wearing Bulgari necklace and earrings

Beryl species, color, and legends

The emerald is a variety of beryl of an intense and deep green color, a mineral species that also includes aquamarine, morganite as well as beryls in other colors. There are other green gems, like tourmaline and peridot, but emerald is the one that is always associated with the lushest landscapes and the richest greens.

Its color reflects new spring growth, which makes it the perfect choice of a birthstone for May. It’s also the gemstone for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

Legends endowed the wearer with the ability to foresee the future when emerald was placed under the tongue, as well as to reveal the truth and be protected against evil spells. Emerald was once also believed to cure diseases.


Colombia is the country that produces 80% of the emeralds world production, where the stones are characterized by an intense and rich green color. This deep velvety green considered being the most valuable is due to special inclusions commonly named "garden". The other countries producing emeralds are Brazil, Siberia, Zambia, and India.


emerald hexagonal prism crystal
Emerald hexagonal prism crystal

The traditional cut for emerald is the rectangle octagonal cut, also called emerald cut. This cut is used to embrace the shape of the original crystal, a hexagonal prism, and its fragility.

Unique Factor and value

Trapiche emerald from Colombia
Trapiche emerald from Colombia

Every emerald is unique, but there are some types of emeralds that are special in some way. These include Trapiche emeralds, which display a unique star-like design, and different colored emeralds such as pink or yellow emeralds. All of these varieties are unique and much harder to come by than your typical green stone. There are various price levels among each and every one of these stones, but as a whole, these gems can come with a heftier price tag. The value is comparable to the value of the diamonds or rubies when the green is intense, velvety, and lush, without any yellow reflection.

Red Carpet

Hollywood’s stars all seem to shine but some do shimmer more than others, especially those with extraordinary beauty and personality. Angelina Jolie did wear one of the most expensive pieces of emerald jewelry of all times at the 2009 Oscars. Her $2.5 million emerald drop earrings absolutely stole the show! The emerald look was such a hit that it instantly started a trend among jewelry and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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